#hshdsh also #hash_dash

We promote artists online and provide digital marketing for art professionals.

Hash Dash Digital Studios

#hshdsh also #hash_dash is the flagship company promoting artists online and provide digital marketing solutions by, for & of art professionals. We offer consultancy services for all kinds of creative endeavors or businesses.

Though originally a tea shop, we intend to promote & nurture upcoming artists, graffiti exhibitions including #IndiaGraffitiRun by painting life size mural designs at different locations, starting with NCR. Stay connected for pictures & stuffs.


polite. poised. purposed.

We venture into this unknown always intended never reflected. polite. poised. driven by purpose.


India Graffiti Run

#IndiaGraffitiRun is here to promote street art and create revolutionary ideas for outdoor advertising.

India Graffiti Run // #IndiaGraffitiRun

Flickering stars navigating art horizon.

One Page website

One Page Website

Your own website starting at just Rs 5000/- including domain name, hosting & emails. Learn to build & manage websites easy like checking your emails or updating your status!

India Graffiti Run - Growth Hacking eMarketing

Graffifi exhibition #IndiaGraffitiRun & digital marketing training sessions on growth hack for portfolio development, management & preferment.


  • Growth hack sessions on

    curriculum covered by most digital marketing institutes
  • Sessions include how to create, build & manage

    websites as professional artists
  • Designer portfolios showcasing artworks, photographs

    on responsive mobile ready templates
  • Be a part of the events intended to be driven by intent resolute than grains of sands. and determined to stand hands of time.

    Learn to build websites


  • Gallery space at cafe musart exhibition venue

    Inaugural #IndiaGraffitiRun Exhibit
  • One-Stop-Shop for Creative Consultancy

    One Page Easy Website Thats Pays You Back
  • Have an idea for a painting, artwork,

    wish you could have painted, now anybody can become a painter.
  • Cafe Musart is a flagship company to promote artists online. An event production & promotion company based in Malviya Ngar, New Delhi.

    Learn Graffiti Designs


  • Get a one page website at Rs 5000/-

    Profile artist portfolio & artwork gallery.
  • Responsive Mobile Ready Design

    SEO & Social Media Optimized Theme Ready for Business
  • Artist Promotion Online

    Graffiti, Life Size Murals, Tattoos & Hot cups of chai!
  • L 20 Basement, Malviya Nagar, India Graffiti Run exhibition from 25/12/2014 to 01/01/2015 with digital marketing growth hack sessions.

    Learn Digital Marketing

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