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One Page Website is here and you better get yours!

One Page Websites - hash dash DGTL

one page websites for fast & furious. end to end digital marketing services! hash dash DGTL for responsive designs & parallax scrolling effects driven by hashtag marketing.

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Ticket to Mars! Now Buy in India!!

Rendezvous with Mars – MAVEN enters orbit, Mangalyaan next on schedule!

India’s Mars mission probe #Mangalyaan enter final phases as the countdown for mars orbital insertion starts on 24 September 2014 September 24 2014 7:30AM, Indian will become the first Asian country to send a probe to Mars and first to successfully complete...

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Virality - the cradle of desire manifested by innuendo!

Virality - the cradle of desire manifested by intriguing campaign storyline charged with emotional innuendos!

Viral marketing campaigns are geared by the possibility of viral coefficient above one means that every contact from a group of network will share the campaign detail to at least one person in their network. This trusted guarantee is the boost that social media marketers must make use of with Empire Avenue.

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Hash tag - New URL for Social Media

Hashtag Marketing - The New URL for Social Media

Hashtag URLs integrated with native ads trend better, thanks to the wizardry of mobile devices that allows on the go social conversations. Add the possibilities of social PaaS gateways via hashtags like #actiontags to craft eCommerce dynamics and turn social mentions into monetizing factors.

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