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So what is digital marketing is nothing but growth hack techniques you learn better when exerted with purpose driven by an agenda. Key to success depends on perception you create in minds of your audience when you showcase your online art gallery. Doesn't it gets all more professional and touché niche to be able to brag about your portfolio if you have one!


Celebrating graffiti street art festival – India Graffiti Run IGR started from Manipur followed by inaugural exhibit at Café Musart January 2015 In City Travelling with crew celebrating Swachh Bharat via life size mural designs. February 2015 4 City Locations starting across India. Each event scheduled parallel to bikers on road. March 2015 10+ Cities

India Graffiti Run Each location footage will be edited suitably for visual promotions across web. Aim to webcast events live! B2i Branding Apr ‘15 B2i acknowledges when selling to businesses, you are really selling to people – individuals. My Clean India May ‘15 India Graffiti Run aims to celebrate Swachh Bharat – My Clean India campaign via street art colors. Subscribe to get Own Domain Name, One Page Responsive Website, 2 Email ID & Web Hosting!.

Research One of a kind so far unheard graffiti themed on road show event dotting various India cities via life size mural designs, Marketing IGR is a marketing campaign that will bring in audience from various cities across India video documented for webcasting. Promotion IGR is an ideal promotional campaign for brands looking for an expansive market reach visual promo.

Yes we can choose to be arm chair activist and chose to do basically nothing.

We write to quantify growth based on how businesses can serve audiences online Live Jam We offer live jam sessions during creative brainstorming sessions on client case studies Visual Promo We shoot production visuals that are random moments unlikely to be captured otherwise, Still Pictures We click thing or two or better have privilege of editing some of your own collections Growth Hack We hack marketing in ways that will enable businesses to power growth & only growth!

Art All contents, sketches, digital posters based on creative agenda in relevance. Sketch Create Comical Content Storyline where protagonist in parlay is a Superhero! Ride The objective should be to associate lasting impressions that are meaningful & memorable. Spread Sponsor / Partners must for “4 Locations” to execute ground level local support.

Event is open for all and will further include live training sessions on digital marketing from 8 PM onwards. Apart from graffiti run exhibit, the event will also showcase other forms of artworks including canvas paintings, caricature, hand crafted wood designs, tattoo making, sketches, drawings, live music performances and of course hot cups of tea!

Digital Marketing Growth Hack Sessions: Artist Promotion & Online Marketplace for Artists

Growth Hack Fundamentals Web 3.0 Ready = Semantic/Holistic/Native

Growth Hack Tools & Resources Social Media Management & Analysis

Growth Hack New Age Media Webcast + Podcast + Mobile = #YourWanted

Growth Hack Live Market For greener side of digital, your invited!

Growth Hack Online Personality Syndicating, channeling & seeding growth hack!

Why Sponsor IGR?
4 point break down why India Graffiti Run will work for Sponsors Location, Date Increase ad visibility by 200% Dotcom, Date Increase online sales by 200% Quarter 2015 Increase ad savings by 50% Budget 2015 Increase audience by 50% Tell story of India Graffiti Run in a way that leaves audience with an accurate and lasting perception. Since we represent various graffiti artist, our focus should be mostly on identity presentation. (Defining artist works so far) Explain actions or explain planned actions about the whys, how’s and the when’s of events. (India Graffiti Run) India Graffiti Run is not an armchair movement. Relativity

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